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Ellen Adelstein, in association with Roddenberry Productions, is pleased to present a rare, in-depth television interview with Gene Roddenberry filmed in his Beverly Hills home in 1981. Originally aired in Tucson, Arizona, this interview has not been viewed by the public since. During the interview, Gene discusses how he got his start in Hollywood, the early days of Star Trek, and his vision for a ground-breaking series that would serve as a platform to discuss important social issues of our time. This DVD features a special introduction by Eugene "Rod" Roddenberry Jr.

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Ellen speaks to Rod Roddenberry about how special it was for him to see this candid interview with his father. (CLICK PLAY ARROW ON VIDEO TO START).

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The real Gene Roddenberry INTACT, INTIMATE, IN HIS PRIME...You feel like you are in Gene's living room, getting to know him yourself...Where else can you see that? There just aren't other interviews like this out there"

- Larry Nemecek, Managing Editor, "Star Trek Communicator Magazine"

It's always good when a DVD contains exactly what it says it does...there are far too many "exclusive" interviews around that are anything but. It is a rare treat to hear the words directly from Roddenberry's own lips."

- Paul Simpson, Editor, "Star Trek Magazine"

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